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Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless BlueTrack Mouse for Windows PC - Black

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Curve for Comfort; Flatten to Pack

Enjoy stylish, compact comfort and reliable wireless freedom at your fingertips. Curve it comfortably for use. Then smoothly glide your finger up or down the scroll pad to navigate through a page and the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse responds precisely to the speed of your movement. Use it just about anywhere, even on a rough wood surface or your living room carpet, relying on Microsoft BlueTrack Technology 1. While giving a presentation or surfing the Internet, roam 30 feet away and retain reliable wireless control of your computer. When you pack up and go, you’ll travel in style. Keep the tiny transceiver plugged into your computer’s USB port, or tuck it into the underside of the mouse. Flatten the Arc Touch Mouse to turn it off, and slip it into your pocket or bag as easily as a cell phone.


Touch Tab with Haptic Feedback

The modern age of touch technology means we can start to move away from the likes of mechanical scroll wheels- which are prone to breaking over time. But this touch technology can feel odd to those who like to feel a response from their actions. With a haptic touch pad, the touch tab will vibrate as you stroke your finger across the surface, and will match the speed of your stroke. It’s modern touch technology, with the natural feel of the older mechanical technology.

Curve for Comfort

Curve this mouse to turn it on for use. When curved for use, this mouse is comfortable for quickly doing what you need to do on your mobile devices. The flexible rubber grip provides extra comfort.


Flatten for Ultimate Portability

When you’ve done what you need to do, flatten the mouse and stow it away. The great thing is that when flat, it’s not just small enough to put in a pocket, but it also turns off, which means the battery lasts longer, and you won’t be accidently clicking things when it is in your pocket or bag.

Power Saving

Flattening the mouse to power it down is only part of the story. This mouse has a handy power status indicator that flashes red when low on power; you will never be caught out with a mouse without power


BlueTrack Technology

Navigate your computer by using a BlueTrack Technology mouse on a picnic table, your living room floor, the armrest of a lobby chair, or even your leg. With BlueTrack Technology, you can use the mouse on almost any type of surface


Wireless USB

The tiny USB transceiver is stowed on the underside of the Arc Touch mouse by a handy magnet so you can pack the mouse and travel without worry of losing the USB transceiver. Alternatively, it is small enough to just leave in your laptop when on the move.

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